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Chicago is at it again...

In my last post I was musing about how much has happened in the last 2 years that it feels like it's been an eternity. Well, I may have aged 10 years in the last 3. Three years ago things looked pretty bright. And some pretty amazing things have happened in the last 3 years! But I think what is truly incredible is all the adversity the vapor industry has faced and how I am still here to write about it.

May seems to be a bumpy month for vape. It was in May of 2016 that the deeming regs were published. Also in May of 2016 was when the Cook County vape tax went into effect. Now fast forward to 2018. In May, the FDA went after some big players for their inappropriate marketing practices, then Juul for creating what they call an epidemic among teens. Then at the end of May the Illinois House of Representatives narrowly passed Senate Bill 2332 which raises the age to purchase tobacco AND vapor products to 21. (You can ask Governor Rauner to VETO this bill here) Also at the end of May, Chicago Alderman Ed Burke quietly introduced a flavor ban ordinance. Also introduced by Alderman Burke, an amendment to Chicago's liquid nicotine tax.

Now this isn't Chicago's first rodeo when it comes to attacking the vapor industry within it's borders. In 2014 they added e-cigarettes to their indoor air ban. In 2015 they proposed and passed the tax that took effect January 1st 2016. Then they raised the age to purchase to 21, which took effect July 1st 2016. Sounds like the flavor ban seals the deal. Chicago doesn't want you to vape. They want you to buy smokes for $14 a pack. That's where the real money is.

You know what though? I was born and raised in Chicago. Southside. I'm proud of it. It gives me the same resolve that it gives our Chicago politicians. And I am going to do what I can to stop this madness.

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