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When 2 years is an eternity.

It is a bit amazing that 2 years have passed since the deeming regs were announced. Facebook has a coy way of reminding us of the joys and struggles we have gone through. I don't look at the "On This Day" feature often but the other day it popped up in my feed. Commence the emotions flowing.

Two years since vapor was given what you could call it's expiration date. And since that announcement, we have watched so many players bow out. Gracefully or not so much. Not that it matters. What matters is who is still here.

Two years has felt like an eternity.

Vapor products should be approaching their expiration date of August, 8th 2018 but we were afforded a sliver of hope last summer when the date was pushed to 2022. Commence all hell breaking loose.

You see, the anti vaping coalitions refuse to accept a delay in the regulatory framework while said regulators try to understand and adapt to the disruptive technology. The anti vaping coalition is more like an abstinence only front with big pharma money in the back. They ignore that smoking rates, among adults AND teens, are on the decline.

I am not sure if the anti's see the irony here. On 4/20/18 Chuck Schumer introduced a bill to decriminalize weed. "If smoking marijuana doesn't hurt anybody else, why shouldn't we allow people to do it and not make it criminal?" Schumer told Vice News Tonight on HBO. Then on 5/6/18 he called for a ban on flavors in e-cigarettes. He claimed that no one was protecting kids from these enticing flavors. Flavors that have been instrumental in helping adult smokers quit combustible tobacco and are already an age restricted product. Oh, and I didn't mean irony. Nope. Irony isn't the word. Hypocrisy is more like it.

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