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Meet Reid and Bridget

Reid and Bridget are both former smokers.  Reid was introduced to vaping in 2012 and spent the next 2 years bouncing back and forth between smoking and vaping with the low wattage e-cigarettes.  It was in April of 2014 that Reid made the commitment to quit smoking all together.

It was then in June of 2014 that Reid opened the first Cool Clouds location in Evergreen Park, IL.  Reid was constantly searching out new vape products with better technology and a more satisfying draw.   Customer service was also at the forefront.  It was important to Reid that the newbie vaper, or still unconvinced smoker, could access these products in a friendly and welcoming environment without judgement or expectation.  Education on the devices and tips to increase effectiveness were the key to success for so many smokers.  Bridget wanted any spouse that was supporting their loved one by picking up some vape on the way home to feel comfortable enough to walk in without intimidation or overwhelm.   


All of these things are still in play today.  As the staff has grown and locations have multiplied, someone looking to see how this vape thing works can walk in and get the full run down.  Reid and Bridget now employ 6 individuals and were able to open shop #2 in April of 2016 and shop #3 in September of 2017.

During all of this, the couple has been active in the vapor advocacy scene.  Reid was a familiar face at Cook County Board meetings while trying to fight a tax on eliquids.  They helped to organize an eliquid line that raised money for the state trade association.  In 2016 the couple was integral in the formation of Smoke Free Alternatives Coalition of Illinois and served on it's inaugural board.  There are a number of Federal, State and Local issues at any one time.  You can often hear Reid or Bridget talking about different political fights that could effect their business.  They have lobbied on Capitol Hill as members of both SFATA and VTA, as well as locally.  Their mission is to fight for the future vapers; smokers who have not chosen to try this harm reduction approach just yet.

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